Have you ever been asked directions by someone, then pointed them in the right direction and been knocked out by the flab swinging away at the back of your upper arm?! Then these exercises are for you!

They're dead easy! Do them every other day til you drop and you'll dare to to bare in no time! It will only cost you 5 minutes a day. Honest!!!

Overhead extension
Starting position: Sit and hold a dumbbel in one hand. of you don't have a dumbbel a can of soup will do, or even the cat. Stretch your arms up and then bend so that the elbow points towards the ceiling. The weight/can/moggy should touch the back of the neck. You can support the working arm with the other hand.

Exercise: Slowly stretch the arm upwards. Do not lock the elbow. Bend again keeping the upper arm still. Repeat til you aren't able to do any more and then change arms!

To stretch this muscle out, take up the starting position of the Dips exercise but without the weight and pull the arm backwards with the free hand.
Hold 15 seconds. Change.

Overhead extension

Starting position: Sit on the edge of a chair. Hands next to you, fingers facing forward and down. Make sure your feet are a little away in front of you. Transfer your weight onto your feet. Keep the shoulders down, the elbows 'soft' not locked. Bring your body weight back to your arms.

Exercise: Slowly bend your elbows to a 90 degree angle keeping your back close to the chair. Breathe out and push yourself back up by using your arms, not your legs. Stretch the arms but don't lock the elbows. Repeat til you really feel the muscles working. Give two more and rest.