Health Spa's

Health Spa's in The United States are decidedly different to their European counterparts. In Europe we still call them 'kuuroorden', places where staff more often than not walk around in white coats.
Spa Staying at a European spa is often like stepping back into a time warp, and pleasurable? Well I'm not sure thats the right word. Spartan. Strict, thats more like it.

However, a stay at a Spa in the US, well there's so much variety and so many on offer I wouldn't know where to begin. There are men-only or women-only spa's. Spa's for families, spa's that have mother-daughter packages. There are tranquil spa's, scenic spa's, spa's on the Beach, supreme pampering spa's, vegetarian spa's the list is endless. They're scattered all over the country.
The winner of the battle for supremecy defintely goes to the USA! If you're interested and want more information;
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